lunedì 4 giugno 2018


Luca Canever  - TAGteach Faculty

For years, the “Science of behavior” has been the subject of scientists and researchers enclosed in labs, working with animals and piles of strange instruments. However, behavioral laws (i.e.: a behavior will likely be repeated if its consequences are positive) are something we want to know because behavioral change is the key of every educational process. As education professionals or not, we are changing our behaviors and those of others; in other words we learn and teach constantly. The question is: can we make a difference on education if we do not know what are we working upon? Can we be supportive and caring teachers if we do not know the science that explains how behavior works and how we can affect it?

TAGteach is a new behavioral technique, which is closing the gap between science labs and everyday life. TAGteach helps every teacher because it is based on behavioral laws and it has developed user-friendly language and tools. We do not need any more to master complex scientific jargon to improve our teaching skills.

Everyone could benefit from this knowledge: parents (are your kids troubling you, here and there?); teachers (could your students help a little of positive reinforcement?); sport coaches (do you want to boost your athletes’ results?); workers (are you looking for improve your workplace performances?). TAGteach helps teachers to define behavioral goals for the students. In the same way, TAGteach helps students to get a clear understanding of what they are supposed to do. The communication is sharp, precise and positive, providing a positive learning experience to everyone.

If you’are interested to know more about TAGteach, please visit our website and take a look at our free on linecourses.

We are pleased to inform you that TAGteach is coming (for the first time to Wales) with a Seminar in Cardiff (find more)

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