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Getting Ready for a TAGteach Live Advanced Workshop!

Luca Canever

This is a short guide to introduce you to one if our Live Workshops. We desire to give you the best experience. These are few tips about how to get  ready and what to expect from attending to the workshop.

Welcome to a TAGteach live Workshop!

Happy Advanced TAGteachers 
For those of you who have taken the on line course, this will be your first TAGteach live Workshpo. 

TAGteach Workshops are friendly environments: we invite you to relax and enjoy the experience. Feel free to ask questions whenever you need: this will be a learning opportunity for everyone in the room. During the sessions, we will have some breaks and we will have lunch together. Use these moments to meet the other participants and make connections. People participating to a TAGteach seminar come from many backgrounds (teachers, coaches, Behavioral Analysts, Speech therapist, dog trainers and parents). Take the opportunity to discover how they are applying TAGteach in their fields. You never know from where good ideas could come from. As your presenter, I will be at your disposal during breaks to answer your questions and chat with you.

In the advanced workshop, we will not review that much the TAGteach. We will talk about Focus Funnel, TAGteach triangle and tag point not to explain them but to use them. We suggest you take a quick review to the TAGteach On line Courses before coming to the workshop. As always, feel free to ask questions. 

Getting Advanced!

A Standard Celeration Chart. Our tool for recording data.

In an advanced workshop, we will cover different topics; our focus will be to give you the tools to implement TAGteach in your field, right from the end of the workshop.

TAGteach is a technology always moving forward. For years we have been focused on increasing correct responses. It is easy to do that using the tagger and the TAGteach protocol. Lately we have changed our way of thinking about learning: we have begun to think that learning a goal-behavior is not only about correct responses. Speed of execution plays a key role as well. We want to teach fast and correct responses. For this reason, our practices will focus on getting both correct and fast behaviors from our learners. This is a paper about behavioral fluency.

Finally, we will address the topic of recording behavioral data . This is a new feature in TAGteach and one we are really excited about. We will discuss how to record data from learners' performances and how to use these data for analyze the learning process. This is where TAGteach is really going advanced!

The tagger: our main tool

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